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Rachel has a unique gift for creating spaces that invite reflection and open the spirit. I have attended many of her workshops and ecstatic dance classes, and she displays this gift at all of the events she facilitates, leading the group in a warm and open atmosphere that puts me at ease so I can fully explore my creative and spiritual self.


Fratres Dei's Embodiment Workshop was extremely well thought out and deeply spiritual. The room was welcoming and completely judgement free. The workshop created space for me to listen to the needs of my body and resulted in the most grounded and relaxed I’ve felt in such a long time.


Fratres Dei did an incredible job walking us through the experience and the effect it has on our bodies and souls. Taking the time to appreciate what your body needs, what it desires, and what its reactions are is simply one of the most powerful experiences and something I would not have experienced on my own.  Understanding the impact of my daily choices has encouraged me to truly think about my body and soul and how I go about caring for it. 


I found it fascinating to reflect upon my own physical body through the lens of hunger, eating, and digestion.  The workshop was balanced holistically, offering times for meditation, prayer, physical movement, and other ways to 'digest' what I was discovering about my body.  It was powerful to consider that Jesus felt this very hunger and the same sort of satisfaction that comes from eating and sharing a meal with others.


Fratres Dei's workshop was a very thoughtful, deeply spiritual experience. The program
exude a warm and encouraging atmosphere, free of fear and judgment, where I was free to interact and engage at a deep level.

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