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Of course you love your work. You love your vision, your team, and most of all, the people you serve. But these days the sight of your computer makes you sick, you feel irritation towards your clients or organization members, you've had it with your coworkers, and you think you may need to step down. Sound familiar?

Maybe you're not accomplishing what you need to accomplish, you always feel tired, the thought of work brings you more dread than joy, and people quickly drain you. 


Burnout is normal, and with the right help you can recover from and prevent it. Fratres Dei offers specialized, personalized, affordable care for professionals and caregivers of any stripe looking to replenish their bodies and minds.


Allow yourself to receive the peace, vitality, and joy that you long for those you serve to receive. Schedule a free, confidential consultation below or here. In-person, video chat, telephone, and outdoor sessions are available. Consultations take place over video chat or phone.

Many blessings of joy and rest as you continue to pursue your calling.

Ministry Burnout Care Denver, Colorado
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