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My spiritual direction experience with Rachel was wonderful. In our sessions, we were able to explore my emotional baggage about religion in a deeply engaging way. Rachel is patient and relaxed with her clients, and knows when to gently push in order to help someone come to a fuller understanding of themselves. Overall she comes across as very knowledgeable, practical, and compassionate.





Rachel brings kindness, warmth, and humour to the spiritual direction journey. She is attuned to the movements of the Divine, but doesn't layer her own beliefs or faith tradition onto those movements. Would highly recommend.





Rachel and I worked together on healing my inner child and unpacking my upbringing in the church. I am autistic, ADHD, non-binary, queer, and a witch, so I was doubtful a person like Rachel existed. Every session with Rachel was intuitively guided and unique. I felt like she tailor made the processes to fit me like a glove. Rachel is creative, compassionate, and a highly qualified spiritual director. I highly recommend working with her and seeing what emerges that surprises you. I can so clearly see how our work together collapsed so many timelines for me and has put me on a more aligned and compassionate path.





Spiritual direction with Rachel is such a pleasure. She helped me through a difficult crisis of faith through guided meditation and conversation in a safe space. Her direction helped me find solid ground and a relationship with the Divine again. Rachel has a gift for spiritual direction as I never felt forced or herded down a path. She would listen to the struggles I was having and would guide me in meditation allowing me to discern the direction to take. Rachel was also very flexible when it came to sessions as my schedule and availability was always in flux.


Beyond amazing. She walked along side me during my time in seminary and during the height of the pandemic. Professional, and insightful advice each session. Highly recommend Rachel to be your spiritual guide on your own journey.



Meeting with Rachel was very helpful because firstly she listens; I didn't feel that we were working to an agenda but that she was helping me to discover my individual way of relating to God. She is clearly knowledgeable and experienced in the area of Imaginative Meditation and our sessions allowed me to discover different parts of myself and start bringing them together. 





Rachel has been a Godsend during my time of discerning and reflecting. She supported me when I was interviewing for the Diaconate in the Episcopal Church. It was at first heartbreaking when I wasn't chosen to move in that direction, but I later realized my other gifts and possibilities with Rachel's help. I now feel freedom to move about and enjoy many aspects of worship and the spirit of God. I now use discernment and reflection as a way of life. Thank you, Rachel; I am grateful to know you.





I first met with Rachel when I was a student of Spiritual Direction. My career as a hospice chaplain was highly stressful and draining, and I needed assistance to process my experiences and to find clarity in my calling. Rachel's ability to listen, to empathize, and to direct me in breathing exercises helped to ground me and to reorient me to my truth. I am grateful for the welcoming, sacred space that Rachel provides.





Rachel does a fantastic job of allowing her clients to play with their spirituality. She has provided a space where I feel free to explore the nuances my faith, good and bad, and to arrive at a healthier perspective of my place in the universe. 






Rachel Parsons's spiritual direction is leading me closer to God. I love Him, and Rachel is deepening my love for Him and His creation. Rachel is relaxed, at peace, and content. She is also knowledgeable and learned. It is rare that one can embrace emotion and the intellect at the same time so well. Thank you, Rachel, for all you have given me in guidance.





Fratres Dei is the greatest spiritual direction ministry I have ever come across. Rachel goes above and beyond to connect with me and to help me connect with my soul. I highly recommend this spiritual direction practice!





I've been meeting with Rachel through video chat for several months, and I don't think I could have picked a better spiritual director. Rachel has a remarkable ability to empathize and provide insight that is thought-provoking and helpful with wit, wisdom, and compassion. I doubt choosing a spiritual director could have turned out better.





I had the privilege of working with Rachel on my spiritual journey. She helped me get closer to God and my faith during the time I spent with her. She had this presence about her; it was as if the Holy Spirit followed her into my home and never left. She helped me grow in prayer and helped me understand my Bible a lot more than I did. I remember a meeting with her when we took a moment of silence to just embrace God and to hear his voice. Afterward I explained to her that during the time I felt this heaviness on my back and around me. It was as if God was hugging me in the moment and reassuring me he was never going to let go. I will forever remember that moment and be thankful to Rachel for showing me how to go further with my relationship.





Rachel guided me through a lovely Imaginative Meditation session that left me calmed and grounded in my journey with God. She patiently explained each part of the meditation process and gave me the time to complete each exercise at my own pace. Rachel combines the calming effects of guided meditation with the support and security of communal prayer, and the result was an incredibly empowering exercise for my spiritual growth.





Rachel Parsons has been my spiritual director for some time now.  I find her to be both professional and compassionate.  Her direction, with God's Grace, has helped me find my way more deeply than I ever anticipated. 





Before working with Rachel I had never done any spiritual direction exercises. What a wonderful and refreshing experience to receive! Rachel does an excellent job of creating a safe space and helping you feel comfortable with sharing and exploring the vulnerabilities of your soul. She never rushes you through your process and always allows you to come exactly as you are.






Rachel made me feel completely comfortable. She was able to help me relax and set all my daily cares aside so I could have a good, long, enriching, inward look at my relationship with God. I came away spiritually refreshed, exited for my next step.





Coming into a spiritual direction session with Rachel, I didn't know what to expect. Rachel patiently explained what was going to happen, and then let me close my eyes as she guided me through a meditation that engaged my imagination and brought me closer to God. I had a chance to really get in touch with where I was with God at the moment and explore how I felt towards him. Rachel lovingly guided me through these events, making me feel comfortable and at ease. Overall the experience was a positive one I would highly recommend.






I have seen Rachel three times now and I hope to continue. The first two sessions involved imaginative prayer exercises, and the most recent one served as a follow-up.  I work a lot, and she's been remarkably flexible with my schedule.  Would very much recommend.

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