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Rachel A. Parsons, MA


Certified Spiritual Director
Certified Spiritual Direction Supervisor

Founder Rachel A. Parsons, MA, designed the offerings of Fratres Dei to provide a platform upon which people of all spiritual backgrounds may pursue spiritual growth or seek intimacy with the sacred. Rachel holds the conviction that the joy of spiritual curiosity and exploration is the vitalization the world, and she is delighted to create opportunities for her clients to explore in an agenda-free, compassionate space.

Rachel served on the board with Spiritual Direction Colorado and is a member of Spiritual Directors International, The North Denver Soul Care Network, and The Center for Non-Religious SpiritualityShe is an interfaith minister at
People House Denver and has served as both a hospice and hospital chaplain. Rachel received her Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care from Denver Seminary*, where she conducted graduate research centered on the inherently physical nature of human spirituality. She has since designed the practice of Body Discernment, a synthesis of somatic therapeutic practices for spiritual discernment. She has also received formal training in imagination-based meditation methods for addressing issues of self-disintegration. Her poetry has been published in Spiritual Direction International's journal, Listen: A Seeker's Resource for Spiritual Direction.

Since 2014, Rachel has had the honor of traveling with directees into the darkest places of spiritual journey as well as joining in celebration of their greatest joys. She is passionate about creating spaces within which others may freely interact with the sacred by becoming and embracing their essential, authentic selves.

Rachel loves hiking and biking the mountains of Colorado and enjoying live music with her partner, Saundra. She can most likely be found playing her guitar or banjo, reading on her balcony, or dancing with everything.

*Rachel does not personally hold the theological or sociological views held by Denver Seminary

Rachel A. Parsons, MA, Fratres Dei Spiritual Direction and Ministries, Denver, Colorado
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