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Spiritual Direction in Denver

3 Tips to Find Spiritual Direction in Denver

How do I make important decisions?

How do I grow spiritually?

I'm having a faith crisis. Now what?

How can I find meaning in this chaotic world?

If you're asking these questions, it may be time to find a spiritual director.

Spiritual Direction Denver CO | Fratres Dei Spiritual Direction and Ministries

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is the millennia-old practice of partnering with another in order to navigate one's spiritual journey or relationship with the sacred. Through counseling-style interaction, spiritual directors create a space within which directees may openly, honestly, and safely explore, process, and deepen all parts of their personal spiritual inclinations and longings in a confidential, judgement-free space. 
Who are Spiritual Directors?

Certified Spiritual Directors are trained to help the religiously or spiritually curious connect with their essential selves. Spiritual directors are experienced in many spiritual practices and traditions, and they are equipped to help you find and deepen your unique spiritual path. Spiritual direction is not tied to a specific faith tradition, and the goal of the director is not to push a specific dogma onto the directee. Directors meet with a spiritual director of their own and receive ongoing supervision. Each spiritual director has her, his, or their own specialization. Fratres Dei Spiritual Direction specializes in:

Self / Body-Mind Integration

Faith Crisis

Spiritual or Religious Doubt


Head-Heart Connection

Occupational / Spiritual Caregiver Burnout

Friendship with God

Imagination-Based Meditation

Interfaith Relationships

Intimacy with the Divine

General Spiritual Growth or Refreshment

Spiritual Maturity

Spiritual or Religious Transition / Deconstruction

Spiritual or Religious Trauma

Spiritual Exploration

Issues of Anger with God / Misotheism

LGBTQIA+ Issues (Affirming)

Nonreligious Spiritual Growth


Here are 3 tips for finding spiritual direction in Denver:

1. Know Your Denver Spiritual Direction Listing Services

Denver is a great place to find spiritual direction, as there are several spiritual direction training centers in the area. These include but are not limited to The Lanteri Center, Sisters of Benet Hill MonasteryMercy Center, Denver Seminary, and Anam Cara

Denver is also home to Spiritual Direction Colorado. Spiritual Direction Colorado provides online listings of trained spiritual directors across Colorado. The organization also offers events throughout the year for spiritual directors and non spiritual directors alike to pursue spiritual growth. 

You may also find spiritual direction in Denver through other listing services such as SDI (Spiritual Directors International), The North Denver Soul Care Network, The Ignatian Spirituality Program of Denver, The Center for Contemplative Living, and Grafted Life.  

2. Narrow Your Spiritual Director Search with Filters

Now that you know where the Denver spiritual directors are hiding, it's time to narrow down your options. Each spiritual direction listing tool specializes in a different faith tradition. SDI Companions (Spiritual Directors International) is a great choice if you'd like an interfaith or nonsectarian spiritual director. Spiritual Direction Colorado is also an interfaith resource, but it is an especially helpful place to find an Episcopalian spiritual director, as it is a committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado. The Lanteri Center, Sisters of Benet Hill Monastery, and The Ignatain Spirituality Program specialize in Catholic spiritual direction, and Grafted Life and Anam Cara specialize in Protestant spiritual direction. Many spiritual direction listing services provide filters so you can search for spiritual directors with specializations that meet your unique needs.

3. Do a Free Trial Spiritual Direction Session
Sometimes the best way to see if a spiritual director is a good fit is simply to meet them in person. Fratres Dei Spiritual Direction offers a free first session. We know that spiritual direction is an intimate process, and your comfort is very important to us. Book a free session today below or here to see if we're the right fit for you. In-person, video chat, telephone, and outdoor sessions are available. Initial sessions take place over video chat or the telephone.

Questions? Please visit our FAQ page or contact us at (720) 534-9491 or

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