Spiritual Direction

Traditional and Unconventional

Spiritual direction is the millennia-old practice of partnering with another in order to navigate one's spiritual journey or relationship with the divine. Spiritual directors help the religiously or spiritually curious uncover and unpack the people they were created to be. Through counseling-style interaction, directors create a space within which directees may openly, honestly, and safely explore, process, and deepen all parts of their personal spiritual inclinations and longings. Matters addressed by spiritual direction include but are not limited to:










Rachel takes particular care to create an aesthetically hospitable space to encourage authentic reflection, and she is happy to host sessions over video chat. She also offers outdoor sessions which involve short countryside walks upon request.


In-person sessions are held at 4495 Hale Parkway, Suite 209, Denver, CO. Schedule a FREE initial appointment below or here.

While each session is deeply personalized and applicable to individuals of all spiritual backgrounds, Rachel's extensive theological training provides an especially helpful framework for those seeking Judeo-Christian guidance. 

Body-Soul/Self Integration
Intimacy with the Divine
Faith Crisis
Spiritual or Religious Doubt
Friendship with God
Imagination-Based Meditation
Fellowship with Nature              
Occupational/Spiritual Caregiver Burnout 
General Spiritual Growth or Refreshment
Spiritual Maturity
Spiritual or Religious Transition
Spiritual or Religious Trauma
Spiritual Exploration
Issues of Anger with God/Misotheism
LGBTQIA+ Issues (Affirming)

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