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Body Scan Meditation

3 Benefits of Body Scan Meditation

Body scan meditation practitioners meet with those who wish to cultivate their spiritual curiosity. Body scan meditation creates a space to explore what it means to be bodily, spiritual creatures. A meditation guide is like a "couples' therapist" for your body and spirit.

Body Scan Meditation | Denver, CO | Fratres Dei Spiritual Direction and Ministries

Why Practice Body Scan Meditation?

At Fratres Dei we frequently begin our spiritual direction sessions with body scan meditation. Before we begin the gratifying work of spiritual exploration, we have to make sure that the body is on board. The body needs to be aware of and comfortable with physically being in the sacred space. Once the body is settled, rooted, and responsive to the physical setting, the soul may then reach out to the divine from a sturdy foundation. 

We find that when the material part of the human person is connected to the divine, the immaterial parts—the parts more commonly associated with spiritual practice—are able to connect, grow, and thrive. 

Let's look at three ways you may benefit from body scan meditation.
Stress Relief
The physical body feels our mental stress. Daily stress frequently manifests as physical discomfort. Targeting physical sensations through meditation can create sustainable peace of mind. When your body is at peace, your mind is more willing to follow suit. Sometimes all the body wants is attention. Body scan meditation provides a nurturing space for you body to receive the attention it craves.
Take Control Of Your Mind 
Body scan meditation may give you better control of your mind and emotions. Focusing on the physical sensations that come from stress demystifies the way stress affects our emotional responses, making our responses easier to control. As difficult situations at work or the home arise, having the muscle memory to notice your body first and react second can prevent unhealthy outbursts or other destructive responses.


Become More Self-Aware
Self-awareness builds confidence. The better you understand your body's responses in challenging situations, the better you can navigate how to face them. Fratres Dei directee K. R. shared,


"I found a home within my own body again, and I'm walking taller than I ever have."

Explore the benefits of body scan meditation for your physical and spiritual health. Schedule a free consultation today below or here. In-person, video chat, telephone, and outdoor sessions available. Consultations take place over video chat or the telephone.

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