I had the pleasure of experiencing one of Rachel's Body Discernment sessions. She led me through deep sense of body awareness and acceptance that put my mind and ease and allowed me to connect with what my body had to say. I don't think I realized how disconnected I was from my own body, my own self, until I was in my session with her. Rachel has such a gift for helping her clients relax and let go of self-criticism. I left the session feeling much more in touch with my body and what it wanted to express to both God and to me.


I have a tendency as part of who I am to get very wrapped up in my brain. Having someone who could help me work my [ministry] discernment process through not only what's going on in my head but also through my emotions and body was really beneficial for me.

R. B.

Body Discernment impacted me a lot. I'm not a very intuitive person when it comes to what my body needs, and I'm in my head more often than not. This session helped me bridge that gap and do what my body felt like it needed to do and not have any reservations about it.

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