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Body Discernment
Bodywork | Deep Listening

Body-Spirit Connection

Lovingly regarded as "couples' counseling for the body and spirit," Body Discernment is a synthesis of research-based somatic practices designed to fully integrate the body into spiritual growth and discernment.


Those who practice Body Discernment report a clearer sense of direction and an awakened understanding of their bodies in ways they had never previously experienced. Schedule a free consultation.

I found a home within my own body again, and I'm walking taller than I ever have.

-K. R.

Body Discernment impacted me a lot. I'm not a very intuitive person when it comes to what my body needs, and I'm in my head more often than not. This session helped me bridge that gap and do what my body felt like it needed to do and not have any reservations about it.

-R. Brennan

How does it work?

Rachel will gently guide you through a series of prompts to center yourself comfortably in your body. She will then facilitate an open, safe dialogue between your mind and body.

Depending on what has brought you to the session, you will either start with the cognitive (mental) and flow to the somatic (bodily), or vise-versa.


Questions frequently addressed by Mind → Body sessions include but are not limited to:

What do I truly believe?

What toxic beliefs do I hold?

What is my next step in life?

How do I make an important decision?

Where is the Divine?

I have a tendency as part of who I am to get very wrapped up in my brain. Having someone who could help me work my [ministry] discernment process through not only what's going on in my head but also through my emotions and body was really beneficial for me.

-Brian W.

Matters frequently addressed by Body → Mind sessions include but are not limited to:



Body Image



Feelings of Disconnection from Body / Dissociation