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Ecstatic dance is a great way to have a lot of fun. It makes me feel free. Rachel does a really nice job of leading the group through calm meditative at the beginning and reflection after the dance session. It's fun and refreshing whether I connect with others or keep to my own space. To me it's a spiritually uplifting part of my monthly routine. It helps me relax and relieve stress by being more conscious of my body and by connecting with others on a more spiritual level. 


Ecstatic dance with Rachel opened something within me and within the rest of the group that perhaps only the soul can express. I had never experienced ecstatic dance before, but I trusted Rachel that she would lead me into the unknown of a unique expression of spirituality. She set the tone for an inviting, expressive integration of the body and soul that few can facilitate. I enjoyed this style of spiritual practice and would absolutely do it again. No matter your comfort level with dance, this is truly the place to let your soul and body intertwine and let go in honest, vulnerable, ecstatic expression.


I came away from ecstatic dance physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually relaxed. Rachel's confidence and experience set such an open, calm tone from the start of the session that I was quickly able to let go of the day's stress and focus on experiencing the music and movement. Whether you're already habitually centered in your body or (like me) chronically stuck in your head, ecstatic dance will ground you and awaken your soul.


Ecstatic dance does not necessarily require dancing. During my session, I sat, stretched, and took a short nap. Leaving my session, I felt refreshed and that I had reconnected spiritually in a physical way. If you are looking for a new way to experience the divine, I recommend ecstatic dance with Rachel.


Rachel helps participants sing a new song. Religion has often asked humans to be angels of pure spirit, but ecstatic dance recovers the vitality of our bodies. New songs and new movements connect us to the humming and resounding music of a living creation. Although I was very nervous when I first came, I was relieved to find Rachel to be a warm host who leads by example.


I went to several Ecstatic Dance sessions led by Rachel. I had no idea what to expect coming into these sessions, but the experience was enriching and fun! I'd recommend Ecstatic Dance with Rachel to anyone looking for ways to incorporate physical movement with soulful exploration.


I thoroughly enjoyed my ecstatic dance session with Rachel.  I went into the session a little apprehensive as I did not know what to expect.  However, Rachel created a safe space to engage in ecstatic dance.  The experience was cleansing, freeing, and relaxing.  

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