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Embodied Theology


Embodied Spirituality

Embodiment Workshop Denver, Colorado
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Unique Curriculum

Fratres Dei offers richly tactile, thought-provoking workshops to engage your body, your mind, and your community. Through spiritual and scientific teaching, physical activity, personal reflection, and discussion, Fratres Dei creates a space within which spiritual communities and individuals of all abilities may explore what it means to be bodily creatures. Perfect for:

Ministry Curriculum 

Small/Home Group Programs

Spiritual Special Events

Health and Wellness Events

Office/School Events

Choose from a number of topics to explore together. Don't see one that catches your eye? Drop us a line! We'd love to develop a workshop topic just for you. Popular Fratres Dei workshops include the following, and we're always cooking up something new.

Interspiritual Theology of the Body
Body-Mind Integration
Ecstatic Dance

For booking, please call (720) 534-9491 or email Workshops are offered on sliding scale pricing.

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