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Video: What is Theology of the Body?

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

What is the body's relationship to the Divine?

How do our bodies reveal the Divine to ourselves and to each other?

How can you involve your body in your spiritual practice?

Theology of the Body | Denver, CO | Fratres Dei Spiritual Direction and Ministries

I sat down with physical therapist and women's health coach Beth Anne Fisher over Zoom to discuss one of my favorite subjects: that alchemical connection between body and spirit. Together, we examine the ways in which we can recognize, acknowledge, and include the body in daily life.

In this video we discuss:

• What is Theology of the Body?

• How do different faith traditions think about Theology of the Body?

• How is the Divine revealed through the body?

• How were we personally drawn to Theology of the Body?

• How does ecstatic dance fit within a Theology of the Body?

• Our experiences of leaving the Evangelical Church

• What is the relationship between matter and spirit?

• How can one embrace Theology of the Body through spiritual direction?

• How can one embrace Theology of the Body through physical therapy?

• What can Theology of the Body teach us about the womb?

Learn more about Beth Anne's work at

Learn more about spiritual direction and bodywork at


August 17, 2020 | Denver, Colorado

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